Call or Visit Trailers Unlimited in Columbus, TX for trailer conversion services!

Compass Conversions is number 1 in customer service and always staying ahead of the game when it comes to creating your interior. Just ask any of our current and past customers. Compass Conversions is so easy to deal with in making your trailer a true home away from home.

They will custom design your floor plan to your specs. We always try and maximize your storage and closet space.

One big thing to me about Compass Conversions is the fact that they are RVIA certified. They follow RVIA guidelines for your safety as well as your precious cargo and the functionality of the products inside. Purchasing an RVIA certified interior is the only way to go. You will have the peace of mind that your trailer is built to the top of the line safety standards.

When working with Kelly Gray or her staff, you will be creating a truly one of a kind look. Kelly Gray has been in this industry going on 17 years and after owning her own RV interior business, she knows ways to maximize your space and ease of a user-friendly interior. Always paying attention to what the customer wants and needs and help you choose all your colors and appliances and use of space in your new interior. Whether this is your first trailer or your 5th, you will be guided through the whole process with Kelly Gray or her staff helping you. At Trailers Unlimited we can also help design your own customer bedding and pillows for your new interior.

We enjoy the process of working with Compass Conversions to make this an easy process.

Also, Compass Conversions will be with you through the design phase and also take care of you after the sale.